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Global Alliance on Drones in Development

A Global Community that is using Drone Technology for Development projects.

Our Theory of Change


  • Founding Leadership and Staff

  • Advisory Board Expertise

  • Financial Resources

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Member Engagement



  • Develop Educational Resources

  • Organize Webinars and Workshops

  • Collaborate on Research Projects

  • Facilitate Networking and Knowledge Sharing

  • Advocate for Favorable Drone Regulations

  • Implement Collaborative Drone Projects

  • Foster Cross-Sector Partnerships



  • Increased Knowledge and Awareness

  • Expanded Alliance Membership

  • Publications and Research Findings

  • Policy Advocacy Efforts

  • Completed Collaborative Projects

  • Strengthened Partnerships


Intermediate Outcomes:

  • Improved Understanding of Drone Technology's Potential

  • Enhanced Capacity for Members and Partners

  • Strengthened Drone Regulation Frameworks

  • Innovative Drone Solutions for Development Challenges

  • Increased Collaboration Among Members and Partners


Long-Term Outcomes:

  • Empowered Communities through Drone Technology

  • Tangible Improvements in Social Development Indicators

  • Positive Policy and Regulatory Changes

  • Global Recognition of Alliance's Impact

  • Sustainable Integration of Drones in Development Initiatives


Ultimate Impact:

  • Meaningful Social Change and Development

  • Improved Livelihoods and Well-Being in Target Communities

  • Positive Shift in Global Perception of Drones' Role in Development

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