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Register as a Presenter


  • If you have an amazing story to share about your fabulous work in drone industry, this is the place where you should be!

  • You need to prepare a 5-7 minute presentation highlighting the application of your choice, impact of your work, how was it done and what did you learn. You will need to upload the presentation (max 8 slides) in a PDF format.

  • You also have a choice of making a poster presentation/ infographic and submit it in instead of the presentation PDF.

  • Attach a PDF hand-out of no more than 2 pages supporting your talk explaining the topic further.

  • You can attach a video of no longer than 5 minutes. In case you cannot be available for a live interaction, you can share a pre-recorded video of your presentation topic.

  • You can attach relevant promotional materials - a PDF brochure and 3 banner images - that will be used for promotion as per your event ticket allowance.

  • Sponsorship options are available that may give you more options and visibility.

Keep this handy!


We would need your organization logo and your profile picture/ headshot.


You would need to share the topic of your presentation and an abstract, and also choose the relevant themes and sub-themes. You can submit more than one form for multple entres.


You need to add your presentation materials (slides, videos, PDF hand-outs, posters and infographics) and Brochures of your product/ services or orgnization


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  2. We have the consent to use and share your presentation, hand-outs, brochures and videos on our website during and after the conference.

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