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Welcome to Partners Portal hosted by Caerobotics.
What is this portal all about?

Partners Portal is hosted by Caerobotics to facilitate business exchange among its network partners and support innovative and progressive local businesses. 

This portal allows our partners to:

  1. Showcase their Organization profile, projects, case studies, testimonials and products.

  2. Sell products, services and event tickets on our platform.

  3. Connect and interact with our Members through social groups, forums, webinars, courses and conferences.

What is the cost for joining this portal?

As an introductory offer, listing on this portal is free. We retain a 20% revenue share for every sale made on our site.

How do we get listed?

You start by submitting the form below. Our team will be in touch with you to expand your listing for products, testimonials, projects and case studies.

What kind of businesses are encouraged to participate?

We are looking to support new businesses that are manufacturing drones, spares, accessories, software and knowledge materials for this project. The businesses need to be a registered entity and open for global business opportunities. They need to demonstrate efficient and ethical business practices, standardised processes, a deep focus on quality and safety and a commitment to work for development and social impact. 

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Tell us about your policies and standards for manufacturing, inventory, delivery, exchange, maintenance, repair, quality, safety, ethics, data protection and sharing, Also mention any relevant certifications and recognitions that you have received or applied for.


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