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Welcome to
Advanced Course in Drones in Development
Jun 2021 Batch
ACDD Registration

Course Topics

Basics and Introductions

  1. Basics of Drones, Anatomy, Functionality, Market and Applications

  2. Regulations, Market, Ethics and Accessibility

Health and Safety

  1. Delivery of Blood and Blood Products

  2. Medicine Delivery

  3. Vaccine Delivery

  4. Delivery of Test Samples

  5. Organ Delivery

  6. Public Health Emergencies

  7. Inspection of Indoor and Narrow Spaces

Environment and Biodiversity

  1. Wildlife Monitoring

  2. Habitat Monitoring

  3. Illegal logging

  4. Marine Biodiversity

  5. Clean Water Bodies

  6. Glacial Lake Monitoring

  7. Renewable Energy – Solar, Wind

Emergencies and Disasters

  1. Disaster Preparedness, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  2. Emergency Response, Search and Rescue

  3. Rebuilding and Reconstruction

  4. Post-Disaster Damage Assessment

  5. Floods and Cyclones

  6. Forest Fires and Earthquakes

Agriculture and Land

  1. Pest Control

  2. Spraying of Fertilizers

  3. Crop Health Monitoring

  4. Farm Robotics

  5. Use of LIDAR in Drones Survey

Urban and Rural Development

  1. Planning and Development of Urban Homes

  2. Planning and Development of Roads, Railways and Power Lines

  3. Landfills

  4. Traffic Monitoring

  5. Digital Land Boundaries

  6. STEM Education and Skill Development


  1. Drone Platforms, Payloads and Accessories

  2. Drones as a Data Collection Tools

  3. Aerial Imagery Annotation and Analysis

  4. Machine Learning applied to Aerial Images

  5. Drone-based Maps

  6. 3D Models using Drones

  7. Unmanned Traffic Management

  8. Command and Control

  9. Leadership, Team Building and Communication

  10. Drone Project Management

  11. Designing a Cargo Drone Project

  12. Drone Regulations

  13. Risk, Safety and Security

  14. Data Privacy, Data Security and Ethics

  15. Stakeholder Education

  16. Community Engagement

  17. Code of Conduct and Best Practices

  18. Crowdsourcing Crisis Maps

  19. Processes and Systems

  20. Anti-drone Application

  21. Planning and Executing a Drone-based Public Health Project

  22. Planning and Executing a Drone-based Disaster Drill

  23. Planning and Executing a Drone-based Emergency Response

  24. Planning and Executing a  Solar Roof Project

  25. Planning and Executing a Sustainable Urban Development Project

  1. Google Maps, Google Earth

  2. Open Street Maps

  3. ArcGIS

  4. QGIS

  5. MapMyIndia

  6. FlytBase

  7. GeoNadir

  8. Open Drone Maps

  9. Pix4D

  10. Picterra

  11. DroneDeploy

  12. AeroMegh

  13. Avianco

  14. Vyorius

  15. DroneBlocks

  16. Tropogo

  17. More...

* The list of topics may be modified as per the availability of presenters and may also change in order. 

This comprehensive online program shares in depth all the major applications of drones and drone-based data in context of development. We will be covering the basics of drone technology and understand the applications through discussions on case studies, simulating the projects, and having hands-on exercises on various software platforms. We have collaborated with global leaders in drone technology to bring to you the best-in-class learning opportunity. 

This is an intensive course and would need lots of active involvement from your side. We have worked hard to make this course challenging as well as exciting. The course is designed to make you think, act, lead and collaborate - the values that we think are most important in making authentic applications of technologies such as drones and data. 

Prior knowledge of drones or having a drone is not at all necessary. This course is most useful for students and professionals who will be using drone technology for development projects.


This course is not a drone pilot certification or licensing course and will not lead to authorization from civil aviation to fly drones.

We hope you make the most of this opportunity and not just learn, but lead the most valuable drone operations for your community!

Certification Partners

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  • We open up two scholarship seats for every full paid registration.

  • We may receive sponsorship from Donors or CSR and open up additional seats.

  • Students can receive up to 90% scholarship.

  • 100% full Scholarships are available for deserving students and professionals from vulnerable communities.

  • 100% Scholarships are available for 1 member from each Flying Labs.

  • 2 Additional free slots are opened up for nominations received from each Mentor.

  • A free scholarship seat can also be won by contributing meaningful content to the knowledge base (articles, e-books, courses, etc.).

  • Our Institutional and Network Partners receive their quota for full and partial scholarships as per the agreement between us for their referrals.

  • Final Decision on Scholarship grants remains with the Management and is bound to change without notice.



All partnership, sponsorship, scholarship, mentorship, participation, bulk registration enquiries to be sent to

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