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We are Together for a Better World

Drones in Development is a crowdsourced educational platform that shares the advanced applications of drones, robotics, data, AI in Development. Our platform brings together international mentors who shared their first-hand experience from projects through case studies and guide our learners through personally curated learning materials, hands-on assignments and live engagement.  Our learners are emerging leaders - students, professionals, researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and innovators who are passionate about using technologies for social impact. We design and organize learning opportunities in the form of live masterclasses workshops, in-person workshops, virtual and live conferences, and self-paced online programs. We welcome global partnerships from technology companies, universities, foundations, associations and student bodies. 

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Team, Caerobotics.

Our Big Why

Everyone Deserves Access to a Safe Life

Everyone deserves a life where they don't have to think too much about the survival or safety of their families and neighbourhoods. Everyone deserves a system that they can depend on, that will protect them during emergencies and will aid them during distress. We are doing our bit to build such systems.

Everyone Deserves Access to Innovation and Advances

Everyone deserves access to the technological advances and innovations that hold the power to transform a society and empower an individual and the community. We do our bit to ensure that the tools that we use are so simple, affordable and easily available, that everyone can use them, own them and master them.  

Everyone Deserves Access to Learning and Development

Everyone deserves access to education and learning opportunities that develop their skills and triggers their creative ideas, leadership potential and progressive mindset. We do our bit by building ecosystems and partnerships that enable this learning and give individuals a lifelong opportunity and equitable access to knowledge to advance the leader in them.